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If you have been aching to give your home a bit of an update, then 2012 is a great year to take the plunge. Interior design has gone down an extremely pleasing route centred on simplicity, folk and craft, punchy of colour and a harking for the best of the past. Not only do much of the latest trends look wonderful, they are also adaptable to all homes and budgets. Have a look at our five favourite below.rnrnRetrornrnMad Men inspired a revival of 50s and 60s-inspired fashion lines, and homes have followed suit with subtle nods to the mid-20th century. While dazzling 70s wallpaper is in, it requires respect. Safer and more future-proof is mid-century modern. Minimalist Scandinavian furniture looks great in any setting, with simple touches of timber adding a natural, uncluttered, understated feel. Avoid pastiche – you want to reference bygone days, not live in a shrine to them – and go for pieces that will work will in an ensemble with more modern design (that you can find at Furniturecap).rnrnWhiternrnOn the roads, in the high street and on our walls, white has had a year to remember in 2012. Bringing simplicity, adaptability and affordability, this is as democratic as interior design gets. White walls, ceilings and floors maximise light and space, and are sympathetic to a huge range of furnishings and accessories. While white is a godsend for those of us in the best property west London has to offer small flats, it really comes into its own in large homes with some of the best property west London has to offer going white and never looking more luxurious.rnrnPatternsrnrnTying in with the retro theme, old patterns set against simple surroundings are a seriously hot look and easy to achieve. Paint your room white or a light grey and set it off with a host of retro, classic and tribal prints and patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, if done with just the right amount of moderation – don’t go over the top but make sure the theme is strong – your room won’t look like a test card, it will have been brought right up to date with the minimum of fuss.rnrnGo softrnrnWooden and tiled floors are still great, so don’t worry about ripping up anything underfoot. But in these troubled times we all need a bit of a hug, and designers have responded with a glut of gorgeous, deep rugs, large folky cushions and extra deep sofas and chairs. There’s even a surge in popularity for sheepskin. With large pieces the focus should be on gentler colours that can blend in with the eclectic, craft-like feel of much of today’s design. But the extras allows you to go for fun, statement pieces like big floral-print cushions.rnrnVictorianrnrnWe might be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, but Elizabeth II still has a couple of years to match the long reign of Queen Victoria. And the objet d’art of her era has made a huge coeback this year. We’d recommend focussing on things like lampshades, bell jars and, our favourite, an antique brass pineapple, the flying ducks of the 19th century, and setting these off against simple, sympathetic colours and furniture.